Environmental Real Estate Solutions advances the pace of land conservation. As a conservation funding, nonprofit, and real estate expert, Jim Daus crafts and executes complex land protection projects, programs, and strategies. With over 25 years of experience, he helps communities, nonprofit conservation organizations, landowners, and public agencies fulfill their land protection goals, combat climate change, secure environmental justice for all people, and protect natural habitat as it is meant to be. 

Find Funding

Interested in accessing new forms of land conservation funding? Find funding for community forests, farmland protection, regional collaboration projects, urban greenways, water quality protection, and more.

Conserve More Land

Do you need help with a land conservation project? With a well-managed transaction, your project will move forward without delay. 

Work with Landowners

Do you need help connecting with landowners? Or, are you a landowner needing help navigating the complexities of land conservation? Environmental Real Estate Solutions can help.

 His unique combination of proficiencies include:

·  Innovative project development and partner collaborations

·  Complex, multi-party real estate transactions

·  Current conservation finance and fundraising tools

·  Building strong landowner and grant funder relationships

·  Conservation values and land management practices

·  Nonprofit leadership, program development, and administration

·  Navigating political contexts and presenting to the public

·  Regulatory requirements such as Land Trust Alliance accreditation

·  Local and state government land protection grant processes

·  Technology platforms for land conservation, fundraising, and grants

Environmental Real Estate Solutions, LLC

Phone: 518-227-1318

Email: jim@eres4land.com